Day 393

Stopped by my longarm today to do a bit of quilting. I do wish I could quilt for longer than two hours at a time. But the quilt is getting done, slowly and steadily. I went to change the needle though at one point and the set screw threads are a bit hinky* so I couldn’t secure the needle, and quilting was done for the day. Got a replacement screw later on which might or might not fit…

I also need to make a baby quilt very soon as I have a new niece! I did know there was a baby coming but I just wasn’t feeling quilty about this one. My sister and I didn’t grow up in a house with quilts so she isn’t really into quilts the way I am so giving her a quilt is not the most thoughtful present ever. Although to be fair, NO ONE loves quilts as much as I do. I think I’ve decided on a design (equilateral triangles) but I’m stuck on both fabric choice and size of triangles.

Anyone ever made an equilateral triangle quilt? Words of advice to throw my way?

*technical term of course.



3 thoughts on “Day 393

  1. Love “hinky”, i know exactly what you mean.
    And even if you sister doesnt love quilts i think it is your obligation as an aunt to start your niece off right, wrapped in a quilt, to spread the love of quilts!


  2. I’ve made a quilt using equilateral triangles. I was really into the look back then but had just started quilting. As an unexperienced piecer this was challenging because there are a lot of points to match.


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