Day 407, stymied by fabric

Actually it’s more like stymied by the fabric shops in town.

I’m all gung-ho to make progress on my polaroid blocks so I spent time calling *all* the quilt shops in town. I know I’m very lucky with six shops in the greater city area and one about an hour away. I was sourcing the 1.5m of Kona Iron I need for the sashing.


This is Kona Iron.

ONE store has Iron in stock and she is charging 15$/m. (Can you feel my shock and outrage?) 15$/m for SOLIDS! For comparison, all the other stores here sell solids for 11$-14$/m. I don’t like that shop for several reasons (who increases the price on their batting halfway through a sale I ask you) but we don’t need to get into that here.

Obviously the polaroids are on hold until I get this sorted out but I’m disappointed as I really wanted to work on this project now.


**Edited to add: I will pay someone up to 20$ (CDN) for 1.5m Kona iron including shipping. Email me or leave a comment if you can hook me up.

I’m linking up all over the place, hoping someone can ship me fabric!

Two Canadian linkups for the win! Sew Fresh Quilts and TNTN

4 thoughts on “Day 407, stymied by fabric

  1. You have quite a collection of “photos”. They are so playful. I’m looking forward to seeing the final top.

    It stinks that you are having difficulty finding Kona Iron. I don’t have any. 😦

    Good luck!


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