Day 408

People can be so nice can’t they? There was guild meeting tonight and one of the members who also reads my blog (Hi Barb!) brought me a bolt of grey from her stash that she thought might be iron. Read yesterday’s post for the trauma about iron.

The swatch is so close but isn’t quite right. As I don’t have a KONA colour card [yet] I just go by the computer screen and this might be medium grey or steel, probably steel. Regardless of what it is, it doesn’t match what I’ve got going on so far. Boo.

The hunt continues, and thanks so much Barb!


3 thoughts on “Day 408

  1. Just to add to your frustration, Nicole, sometimes Kona colours are not consistent. I bought some Kona silver and was just “short” for a project (mostly because I made it larger!) , so went on the hunt locally. Found 2 bolts at 2 shops and neither was even close to the silver I had. (And for absolutely sure I had the colour right!) One shop owner told me that the Kona colours are not consistent. So perhaps the grey really had the same name, just not the same colour. (In my quilt, I decided to substitute a totally different fabric and use that as part of the design.) Good luck on your quest.


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