Day 449

I have never checked the hourly weather report more diligently than I did today. I had a narrow window of “sunny with some clouds” to photograph my quilts but it all worked out. Pics taken, tweaked, resized, and submitted. Quiltcon 2017 here I come! Hopefully. I’m sure thousands of others are hoping the same thing tonight.

Funny thing about today, even though I was an absolute boss yesterday, today I was…meh. Fewer things to do with more time to do it all and instead of getting it done, I slowed down. Can you believe the stupidity of the human mind?

However. I finished my quilt that I made especially to submit. I’ll share that on Friday. I’m proud of the three quilts I submitted. The “artist statement” blather no longer bothers me. I suppose that’s some progress as a human being.


Day 448, or QuiltCon deadline -1

Oof, what a day!

Walk the girls to school.

Home for 40 minutes. Sewing more partial seams to get this top together.

Doctor appt. He’s 30 minutes late.

Go to new job to finish computer training modules.

Home for 30 minutes. One more seam, and a sandwich.

Drive to school, pick up W. for her specialist appt. This doctor, for all that I dislike his cranky office manager, is ALWAYS on time. Back to school to drop off W.

Home for 80 minutes of sewing, layering and basting. Was going to use non-matching random fabric from the stash but found THIS beauty instead:


Decide I’m don’t actually love it as a back for this quilt and so I taped it to my floor. I started quilting at 2? ish? and I’ve just finished burying threads. Binding and pictures tomorrow. Life is good.

Edited to add: I did 2.5 loads of laundry today too. 

Day QuiltCon deadline -2

Started joining all my very disparate bits together today. Partial seams are dead easy, once you know what needs to go where. The layered effect I’m trying to achieve is making my brain hurt though.

I went through my Lifetime Quilts spreadsheet (No. 61 is in progress right now!) to see what I’ve made that might fit for QuiltCon submissions. I have four potentials which would cost 60$ US or 80$ CDN to submit. Or I cut one and that would only be 40$ CDN.

But if I don’t stop typing and get back to sewing this one won’t be done and the decision will be made for me.