Day 420

This week got off to an exciting start, which should make up for the fact that I’m now starting week three of a cold sequence. I’ve had back to back colds for two weeks and I’m not better yet. (Yes they were different colds thank you very much. The novelty has worn off and I’m all done with colds now, please go away.)

Ahem. (And cough cough cough.)

“Too Good to Waste” was well received at the show last week and someone wants to buy it and have it in their house and she’s not a quilter OR related to me AND she wants to pay me money. Real money, not chickens or free babysitting or anything like that. So I’m pretty chuffed.

Also the Mighty Lucky club run by Lucky Spool just announced their 2017 roster of teachers, all of whom gave away a free subscription. And I won one! Stephanie at Spontaneous Threads is the fabulous lady who hooked me up with that.


We need a pretty picture so we’ll go with this one of the lobby of the AGGV, taken by W last year when she was only four.


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