Day 421

I’ve put the polaroid sashing project on hold while trying to source reasonably priced Kona Iron. But continuing my year long “finish it up” project I dug out this one:

Gridlocked/cross hatch/gridded/totally needs a better name

A couple of years ago I received this lovely fabric in a 2.5″ charm swap I did. I thought “wouldn’t this look cool very large?” So I set to work and enlarged it 1600%


Actual size?

The block winds up being 17″ square and the centre checkerboard squares are 1″.


First block. Colour is Kona Berry.

Work to date:


The black/dried blood colour is still Berry. Hard to photograph.

I think I no longer love it enough to make a twin (or heaven forfend, a double/queen). If I make two more blocks and a couple bits to fill in the edges I can get a decent throw size, 53″x65″.


Or I can change the layout entirely, moving away from the original concept.


One more block would do it for this layout. It would be a very small lap size, 51″ square.

Thoughts for the next colours are: blue, orange, lime green.

All these decisions are hard! Linking up for moral support with Let’s Bee Social and My Quilt Infatuation.

5 thoughts on “Day 421

  1. I like these blocks, and the colors you’ve chosen make it look so fresh and crisp. I’d probably opt for the lap size (first picture), but either would do. Very nice!


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