Day 430

We’ll call it sewing-ish today. Prepped a paper piecing pattern (fun to say of course!) and chose fabric for it. When only making one block the choice seems more important than if you’re making lots of blocks.

Packaged fabric into seven! envelopes of fabric to go all across Canada, to Connecticut, Florida, and England. Glad to share and trade with others.

Also unloaded pictures from my phone. Turns out I’ve taken lots of photos in the five months since my last photo dump. And those need sorting. I’d say the photos are 85% quilts, 10% kids, 5% random stuff. I clearly have my priorities straight.

Actual sewing to resume tomorrow. Hope you had a thoughtful Remembrance Day.


“Kissing Joy” by Elaine Quehl, 2009 35″x43.5″ for sale at her website

I did a google search for “poppy quilt” and found lots of trite, simplistic ones. Also found this amazing piece by Elaine Quehl. I’m thrilled to find her work as I really like this. And she’s Canadian too! Her website is HERE if you want to learn more about Elaine.


2 thoughts on “Day 430

  1. And to see her in Victoria, she will be at VQG on July 11, 2017. Her work is fabulous “in person”. Love the depth she gets with her hand dyed fabrics.


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