Day 434, and catch up from yesterday

My guild has a tradition of doing a small blind swap item every year at our “Hanukkah/ Christmas/Solstice Social” and this year we’re giving folks a choice of two baskets to make.* Offering choices means providing a sample of course so Kari and Stacie are making a large basket and I volunteered to make a wee one. The pixie basket from Fabric Mutt to be precise.

I cut out fabric yesterday but hey, pictures or it didn’t happen, so you’ll have to trust me on that. Today I made up one for me to demo/keep and one to trade in a month.


Right before I noticed the orange piece is upside down.


Ta-done! It measures a mere 3″ wide by 4″ long and 2″ high.


And in use already.

True story: I have been looking for a small basked or jar to stash the squares, selvedges, strips, and scraps from the week. I was pretty excited when I realized I could just make myself a basket!

Also exciting is the orange scissor fabric and the contrast strip are both scraps from two friends.

I’ll be linking up all over the place this week for this work in progress and finish: hereherehere and here too! Go check out some other amazing quilts and projects!


*if there are any guild members reading this (HI!) please act surprised on Thursday okay?

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