More new fabric for me!

A few weeks ago Molli Sparkles had his 200th(!) Sunday Stash post. There were an embarrassment of riches for prizes.

I linked up the fabric from the box of random fabrics Netta gave me. And that had the result of winning this fabulous FQ bundle from Rita at Fabric Please which arrived yesterday!

Look, it’s a brown paper package tied up with string!



I love the rich and saturated colours in this combo. But what colour neutral would go best? Molli is using some sort of rich wine colour for his bundle. I’ll let mine mellow for a bit before letting inspiration strike.


Not a single selvedge so this is all mystery fabric to me. Pretty, but mysterious. 

Edited to add: Rita tells me the fabrics are, from top stripey circles to bottom diamonds:

Tula Pink – Slow & Steady – Clear Skies in Blue Raspberry

Joel Dewberry – Heirloom – Empire Weave in Garnet

Joel Dewberry – Cali Mod – Braid in Teal  

Joel Dewberry – Bungalow – Empress in Grass

Joel Dewberry – Bungalow – Chevron in Lavender

Zandra Rhodes – Lace Mountain – Fringed Shawl in Midnight

Tula Pink – Slow & Steady – Track Flags in Strawberry Kiwi

Thank you Molli and Rita!

And to bring it full circle, new fabric gets linked up with Sunday Monday Stash with Molli Sparkles!molli_sparkles_sunday_stash_badge


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