Day 438

Today I made the last block for the “gridded” quilt. When I pulled this project out again I was kind of fed up with it and wanted it done. But there’s been a lot of love for this and now I’m tempted to keep going and make it king size! If I do that though I’m sure I would stall again (and the cycle would repeat.) Let’s get this done.

Last block:


I freaked out a bit after I made my strip set, thinking it looked like Nemo but it turned out okay in the end.

A look at the values of all the blocks. You’d be surprised about which colours are which.


Tonight I wanted to decide the layout so I can continue making progress. Since I have to put away my design wall when it’s not in use (go through one doorway, a 180° turn, another doorway and down a few stairs), I pin blocks to the wall. This quilt currently has 40 pins keeping it secure so I re-arranged my kitchen and laid the design wall flat on the kitchen table.

It worked! I am a genius!


Tomorrow I will pick up some white for all the in between squares and make more progress.

I also need my design wall for the quilt I want to make for quiltcon. That’s right, I need to start that one. Submissions close in ten days, 23 hours. Eek!


3 thoughts on “Day 438

  1. yes, you are a genius. for many reasons, but definitely for the pinning horizontal on a board, and deciding NOT to make this one into a King. that is such a major undertaking, you better love it a lot. I’ve only done it 3 times.
    And atta girl with the quiltcon quilt. countdown is on for both of us.


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