Day 439, yesterday

Yay for sewing! Boo for mistakes¡

Yesterday I took advantage of a 25% off sale (bringing the price down to a mere 10$/m) and acquired the white solid I needed for the in-between bits for Gridded. Attempted to cut the squares (two sizes). Made a mistake, then made the same mistake again. Pushed through but grumpy making for sure.

When those were all cut, I went to put the glasses on my fancy fox. All went very well until I peeled the paper off. And then realized I hadn’t yet cut out the glasses. Swear words.

Packed it all in, went to bed early. Couldn’t get to sleep early. More swear words.

No pictures, because who wants to see what failure looks like?

2 thoughts on “Day 439, yesterday

  1. hang in there, at least you are actually doing projects and trying new things, kudos to you!!
    I have had few days like yours, where I end up thinking , what was I doing?? that is when I walk away now and go for a walk or something, to blow the cobwebs out. Good luck on round 2. from Iowa, USA


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