Day 449

I have never checked the hourly weather report more diligently than I did today. I had a narrow window of “sunny with some clouds” to photograph my quilts but it all worked out. Pics taken, tweaked, resized, and submitted. Quiltcon 2017 here I come! Hopefully. I’m sure thousands of others are hoping the same thing tonight.

Funny thing about today, even though I was an absolute boss yesterday, today I was…meh. Fewer things to do with more time to do it all and instead of getting it done, I slowed down. Can you believe the stupidity of the human mind?

However. I finished my quilt that I made especially to submit. I’ll share that on Friday. I’m proud of the three quilts I submitted. The “artist statement” blather no longer bothers me. I suppose that’s some progress as a human being.

One thought on “Day 449

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