2016, a review

I made more than I thought this year. I started more projects than I realized, but I finished them too. I finished some long standing works in progress. I did only half of the mighty lucky club (ML) challenges. I cut way, way back on my fabric spending. I did TWO charm swaps and cut/sent/received more than 2,200 2.5″ charm squares. I bought a long arm. After a decade of being at home with kids I started working 30 hours a week in a brand new field. I joined Instagram. I was part of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. I said no to things. I said yes to others.

Here are my 2016 quilt finishes:

2016 collage.jpg

Left to right, top to bottom: ML bias tapeML minimalist improvhexi minigap improvML quilted writingCrosscut quiltalong, gift for someone that STILL can’t be shown, mod circles rainbowToo Good to WasteBaby Birdsguild block lottoBlack TeaFancy Fox goes to the quilt show

and two other projects I want to include as well. I started these in 2016 and look forward to finishing them off:  polaroid quilt blocks and ML playing with stripes.

I like the quilts I made this year. Here’s to the year that was, happy new year!



Best of 2016

Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is hosting a best of 2016 link up and I wanted to join in again this year. You can see all the linked posts HERE.

Looking at my stats, all my most popular posts are for finished quilts and fully a third of all my visitors came from Crazy Mom Quilts. If it weren’t for Amanda Jean, no one would read my blog. But they do and I’m glad.

My blog is a modest blog; here are some fun numbers for you (because statistics are nearly as fun as spreadsheets): over 9,000 visitors, and more than 16,000 page views. I wrote 213 posts. I had 433 comments. And now I feel sort of impressed with myself!

Some other highlights of 2016 include:

getting an APQS Millenium longarm

longarm 1st day

visiting the Vancouver MQG Modern Showcase

the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop and Cloud9 tutorial blog hop


my notebook cover modification


To paraphrase Lloyd Robertson, “that’s the kind of year it’s been.”


You can go HERE to see my best of 2015 post.

Thanks to Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs for hosting the linkup, and for stopping by my blog! Happy new year to you.

Day 473, or finished family pyjamas

Done! And before deadline too.




If you look verrrry closely you’ll see that his glow in the dark. Because I love choosing fabric like this for my husband.

B is 9.5 and loves owls; I found “grown up owl fabric, not babyish owl fabric.” I also did a KILLER job on lining up prints and patterns.




And mine. I’ve never included myself in the family christmas pj round up. But I thought it might be nice this year so I picked out these cute grumpy bears.


And cocked everything up. They came out a bit snug. Wearable, but not baggy. And I shortened the legs as I am short. But I messed that up and got capris instead. So: tight, flannel capris for winter time. Head*desk.

I added a nearly six inch extension to the legs to make them wearable for christmas day. I might trim them down and give them to B instead.


But this project is ta-done! I hope that wherever you are and whoever you’re with tonight that you have comfy pyjamas. Sleep well.

Day 470

What is wrong with this picture?


If you said “it’s not a quilt” you’re right. But you’re also right if you noticed that the pattern is on the right side of the fabric, which is the wrong side for cutting out garments. Quilting has spoilt me for garment sewing forever!

This week’s project: a family’s worth of pjs/nightgowns/pj pants. Pictured: sleeves and facings of nightgown, size 10.

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