Day 450

Remember way back when I was all jazzed about a fabulous swap of 2.5″ charm squares? I finally got the names and addresses of the people I’m swapping with. And an exotic list it is too: two Canadians, one close-ish and one very far away, three Americans, one Brit (maybe Welsh?), a Swiss, and a Swede living in Mauritius.

That adds up to $36 in postage folks. I didn’t know you can buy a $5 stamp in Canada.


And I bought three of them today. That’s my hand for scale.

I first freaked out about the cost (but I do that for anything over eight dollars) and then I broke it down. Here’s how I calculated it:

I’m mailing 800 2.5″ charm squares and receiving the same. A WOF yields 17 squares, so 800 ÷ 17 = 47 WOF strips. At 2.5″ per strip, that is 2.5″ x 47 = 117.5″ of fabric. Convert to metres: 117.5″ ÷ 40 = 2.9m of fabric. Round up to 3m.

36$ on stamps ÷ 3m fabric = 12$/m Certainly cheaper than what I pay at the store and every single square is unique. Can’t put a price on that! And since most of my fabric has been around forever, came from a giant bag costing 5$, or was free from a friend, I think of my fabric as being free. Extra awesome.

Now to wait for them to come, and then to sew them all together. I like what Cheryl Arkison is doing with her charm squares these days. Let’s hope I’m faster than seventeen years.

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