2016, a review

I made more than I thought this year. I started more projects than I realized, but I finished them too. I finished some long standing works in progress. I did only half of the mighty lucky club (ML) challenges. I cut way, way back on my fabric spending. I did TWO charm swaps and cut/sent/received more than 2,200 2.5″ charm squares. I bought a long arm. After a decade of being at home with kids I started working 30 hours a week in a brand new field. I joined Instagram. I was part of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. I said no to things. I said yes to others.

Here are my 2016 quilt finishes:

2016 collage.jpg

Left to right, top to bottom: ML bias tapeML minimalist improvhexi minigap improvML quilted writingCrosscut quiltalong, gift for someone that STILL can’t be shown, mod circles rainbowToo Good to WasteBaby Birdsguild block lottoBlack TeaFancy Fox goes to the quilt show

and two other projects I want to include as well. I started these in 2016 and look forward to finishing them off:  polaroid quilt blocks and ML playing with stripes.

I like the quilts I made this year. Here’s to the year that was, happy new year!



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