Day 511

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since I last sewed.* And therefore my brain is being screwy. Sure, there’s been fabric. And tidying, and planning.

Right now I’m caught up in a perfection loop: I want something…


…this thing, this wondrous idea to be perfect, but I don’t work on it because what if I get it wrong? So I don’t try and therefore I’m stuck. And I’m not working on other things because I’m busy and lazy and tired. Hmphf.

So! Here’s the plan. I will sew, and I will feel better, and then I’ll show you, and we can all have fun together right?

All right then, see you soon. With something to show for myself.


*Not Catholic, never done confession. If you are and I’ve upset you, I’m sorry. Email me and we’ll chat.

Day 511

Laying it out

Trying to plan colour placement before I start with fabric, so graph paper and pencil crayons instead.




I can’t remember if this set of pencil crayons is the set I got for Christmas when I was in university, way back in the mid-90s. If so, they’re well travelled but still in great shape.


And since this is a block in progress, I’m linking up with Quilter in the Closet for “building blocks Tuesday.”

Laying it out

Oh the hubris is embarrassing

After my last post, I was smug about cleaning up and taking stock of my inventory of 2.5″ squares. And guys! The gods, the universe, karma, and some of my guild members read that and LAUGHED.

I’ve just stepped down after 3.5 years of being guild president (and co-founder) of my fabulous MQG Victoria. As a token of their appreciation my guild went through their stashes and cut some squares to give me.

And a KONA colour card too!



Four hours later…

And some neutrals to round it out! (And a pile of solids, bottom second from left.) And multi-coloured (bottom second from right)

So of course I had to introduce the new squares to the old squares…


There is so much blue, green, multi-coloured, and low-volume they have two piles each.


Because this is how I roll, I counted three sets of 100 squares, weighed them all, and took the average. Estimating by weight I have around 8,000 squares now. How much space does that much fabric take up? Less than three shoeboxes luckily. And to convert to yardage gets you 29 metres of fabric (WOF=17 squares, 1m=272 squares). To convert to a quilt…a large queen has 2,500 pieces.

Now to get sewing! And since I’m not running a quilt guild anymore I have a bit more time to do just that.

Thanks MQG Victoria! It was lots of fun.


Since this is all going into a scrap quilt, I’m linking up with Oh Scrap! with Cynthia and because it’s NEW fabric to me, Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles.

Oh the hubris is embarrassing