Day 511

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since I last sewed.* And therefore my brain is being screwy. Sure, there’s been fabric. And tidying, and planning.

Right now I’m caught up in a perfection loop: I want something…


…this thing, this wondrous idea to be perfect, but I don’t work on it because what if I get it wrong? So I don’t try and therefore I’m stuck. And I’m not working on other things because I’m busy and lazy and tired. Hmphf.

So! Here’s the plan. I will sew, and I will feel better, and then I’ll show you, and we can all have fun together right?

All right then, see you soon. With something to show for myself.


*Not Catholic, never done confession. If you are and I’ve upset you, I’m sorry. Email me and we’ll chat.


Laying it out

Trying to plan colour placement before I start with fabric, so graph paper and pencil crayons instead.




I can’t remember if this set of pencil crayons is the set I got for Christmas when I was in university, way back in the mid-90s. If so, they’re well travelled but still in great shape.


And since this is a block in progress, I’m linking up with Quilter in the Closet for “building blocks Tuesday.”