Return of the polaroids

What with teaching folks about quilting I’ve been itching to cut new fabric and do lots of piecing but I didn’t realllly want to start another project. Instead I settled for sashing my polaroid blocks. Since it’s been ages, go check out the history of this project.

Sub-cutting for the win!img_4159

From a WOF I can get 44 tiny little matchsticks as I think of them.


Incredibly the math works nearly perfectly! My quilt is 14×16 blocks which totals 224 blocks. Divided by 44 and I get 5 with a remainder of 4. So I need to do five WOF strips (and a few extras).




40% done so far!

The grand reveal

Phew! We have made it through one hundred days of kindergarten. To celebrate, each kid had to decorate a paper grocery bag with one hundred things arranged in groups of ten. I complained about it a few weeks ago over here when W chose all her fabrics from my scrap bin.



See that fabric on the bottom left? That is a bit from the first fabric I ever bought “just because” I liked it. Still have some left, nine and a half years later! It is “Dimples” by Gail Kessler in either “celeste” or “robin’s egg.”



She chose exactly which fabric went where, which was fun to watch.

Day 532…

…since the first day I started this blog. I know it’s been quiet around here but I’ve been busy. I started teaching a “quilt making for beginners” class locally six weeks ago and prep for that has taken up most of my sewing time.

I was a beginning quilter sixty two quilts ago and it has been hard remembering what the very basics are. So I’ve been two steps ahead of my students, trying to cram lots of info into only six classes. The shop owner also wanted to offer lots of options so I’ve been teaching two versions of two patterns…yes, that does make it four quilts being taught simultaneously.

So I’m a bit tired. But for a long time I’ve wanted to try teaching and I’m glad I’m doing it.


I am giving myself permission to sew for me again, and to start a new project if that’s what it takes to get going again.