and so it begins…

This weekend I sat down with W and steered her in the direction I wanted her to go. For some reason known only only to kindergarten teachers and probably pinterest, the 100th day of kindergarten is celebrated. To properly celebrate, each child must take a large paper grocery bag, turn it into a vest and decorate it with one hundred objects arranged in groups of ten.

Woe betide the child who choses pennies or hot wheels cars. Blessed are those who choose cheerios, stickers, or q-tips. Or their mum’s fabric collection.

10 colours. 10 scraps of each. Sorted!


W was pretty thrilled to get all this out of just my scrap bin.


Now to make a flippin’ paper vest.

Scraps = linking up with Cynthia!


5 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. Too funny! I never really thought about it from the parent’s perspective – and I must say that we don’t usually assign homework in Kindergarten. She’ll sure know what ‘100’ represents, though!


  2. When I was teaching, we celebrated the 100th day of school with lots of fun activities. Students were invited to bring a collection of 100 objects, and it was fun to see their collections. (We always had plenty of extra items at school for those who wanted to do their counting there.) But the vest idea makes it much more involved with all that gluing! Fabric sounds like a good choice over Hot Wheels, pennies or rocks.😳


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