Baby quilt

Husband worked at a temporary assignment for most of last year, and became good friends with his co-worker. Her first is a couple of years younger than W, my youngest, and the co-worker was trying to have another kid. After many false starts and dashed hopes she had a girl a week ago!

I get to make another quilt! I love making quilts (of course) but ones that have a purpose are the best.

I saw this one in January:

Rebecca Bryan quilt

This is one of Rebecca Bryan‘s quilts, from a trunk show.

Edited to add: Rebecca shared this one here and blogged about it here.

40x44 10 squares 2.5 borders

Then I saw this one from Sotak Handmade a few weeks ago. The note on the bottom is my info for recreating it. But it’s originally a free pattern from Amy Smart of Diary of Quilter.

Loved the same star and similar colours in both quilts, so I bought fabric late Sunday and made this version this morning:


Borders? Quilting design? Will decide tomorrow. Opinions welcome in the mean time.


Linking up with Let’s Bee Social! and Needle and Thread Thursday. And Quilter in the Closet who is also doing sawtooth stars.

8 thoughts on “Baby quilt

  1. Oh, my last comment was about the Rebecca Bryan quilt haha! But I have to agree with pennylanequilts’ thoughts about the border–adding a bit more background border outside of your design (maybe even off-centred or imbalanced) would really give the design a chance to pop, and would keep it from being crowded by the binding. Can’t wait to see the finish!

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