New Quilt Bloggers’ Blog Hop, 2017 edition, week THREE, and all about me

I’m Nicole and welcome to my blog! I like quilts very much.

2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.png

Some of you are regular readers but I hope lots of you are here via the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop hosted by: Yvonne @QuiltingJetgirl, Beth @CookingUpQuilts, and Leanne @SheCanQuilt. I’m in Leanne’s group and we’re called “Let’s Bee Quilt’n.”

xLets bee quiltn.jpg

My blog is a several times a week look at my works in progress and occasional finishes. I try to write with humour and enjoyment for what I’m doing. I started blogging in fall 2015.

I like all quilts but I do prefer more modern ones. My very favourites are scrap quilts. I’ve got some twenty-odd quilts under construction right now but I am working hard to finish off the ones that have been lingering for a while now.

Here is a look at some recent and favourite quilts.

This I made for the Modern Quilt Guild international swap. I loved making it. You can read all about this one HERE.

2016, 19″x19″ all scraps from stash

This quilt has been quilted and just needs a fabulous binding of black and white stripes. You can read all about this one HERE.


2013-present, 50 something”x68ish”, also all scraps.

This one is turning into a longer work in progress than I had planned. I made all of the polaroid blocks in just about five weeks last spring but the sashing and assembly is still dragging on. You can read all about this one HERE.

2016-present, every block is 2.5″ square and is fussy cut.

And because I like quilts with a sense of humour, “Fancy Fox Leaves the Forest for the Quilt Show” is based on a picture I snapped at the Vancouver MQG show. I loved the idea of the ubiquitous fancy fox peeking out from a forest of quilts. You can read all about this one HERE.

2016, 40″x33″ 

I live in Victoria, BC but I have lived all across Canada and Washington, DC. I have a husband, two daughters, and a part time job in a bakery.

We’ll go with bullet points for more about me:
  • I’ve been quilting since 2007.
  • I have completed 64 quilts (not including the ones still under construction.)
  • I keep track of all my quilts with a spreadsheet.
  • I co-founded the Victoria MQG in 2013 and was president until January 2017.
  • I have also just taken over as the host of The Needle and Thread Network. The NTN is an mid-week open link-up page for Canadian fibre artists or stitchers or sewists. If it’s fibre, you can share it.
  • You can go here for a narrated tour of my sewing room.

I like this picture of me at a recent guild meeting:

Nicole pic.JPG

I hope you visit my blog again. Because it would be fun to have you around but also because I’m having a great big tidy up and clear out quilt sale in a couple of weeks. I need more space for all the quilts I have yet to make!

According to my prompt sheet for the blog hop, there are some scripted bits to cover:

  • Blogging tip: crop your pictures! I want to see your project or fabric, not your messy table or your pets.
  • Quilting tip: if you stitch it, press it! Set your seam, then open it up and press again. Your piecing will be flatter and your quilts better.
  • Random trivia fact: I work occasionally as a roadie at rock concerts.
  • Blogging question for you: if you read blogs in a aggregator/reader and a blog is truncated, do you click to read more or you do skip that post?

And that’s me! Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading this far. If you’d like to read my blog regularly, there are options to follow me at the top right hand side of the home page. Or I’m on Instagram @handroughtquilts.

Oh wait…what about the prizes I mentioned? You have to check out any one of the hosts’ blog posts for the rafflecopter entry. Beth @Cooking Up Quilts, Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl, and Leanne @She Can Quilt.

This week you can enter to win one of these eleven prizes:

  1. Fat Quarter Shop – $50 Gift Certificate
  2. Aurifil 12 Large Spool Bundle
  3. Hawthorne Threads – $40 Gift Certificate
  4. Meadow Mist Designs – Winner’s Choice of (2) Digital PDF Patterns
  5. The Quilter’s Planner – 2018 Planner
  6. Story Patches – Starter Kit
  7. Make Modern Magazine – A 6 month subscription
  8. Devoted Quilter – Winner’s Choice of (2) Digital PDF Patterns
  9. Quilting Jetgirl – Winner’s Choice of (2) Digital PDF Patterns
  10. Cooking Up Quilts – Winner’s Choice of (2) Digital PDF Patterns
  11. she can quilt – (1) Digital PDF Pattern

xLets bee quiltn

The other gals in my hive this week are:

28 thoughts on “New Quilt Bloggers’ Blog Hop, 2017 edition, week THREE, and all about me

  1. I use a blog aggregate to notify me of new posts by people I follow and I always click over to view the post on their site, because that’s what I would want my readers to do. 🙂 setting seams is something that makes a huge difference, I agree. Thanks for being a part and participating in the hop!


  2. Quilting and baking — you live my dream life, I think! I might even enjoy the roadie part – haha! Your quilts are really fun. I love the fox peeking out! I usually try to crop out my “stuff” in my photos; I don’t want people to see how I really live. Hahaha!


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  4. Hi Victoria, it’s nice to meet you! Wow! You are busy! I love you modern take on quilting! The quilts you’ve shown here are fantastic, I cant wait to see more of your work!


  5. Wow! All those polaroids! I joined my first polaroid swap a few weeks ago, it was fun to exchange blocks with quilters from all over the globe, but I didn’t realize when I signed up how many of those little blocks I’d need to make anything of consequence (and I wasn’t even envisioning anything as grand as yours)!


  6. Hi Nicole, Nice to meet you! Someday I will be able to say I made 64 quilts but not for quite a while! Wow! I read my blogs through e-mail and usually click to their site to read so I can leave a comment for my favorites or one that particularly impresses me. Welcome to blogland!


  7. Hi Nicole, I prefer blog posts with a “read more” button. I have an entire list that I read almost daily. It is easier to catch up if I have missed a few days when there is a title, a few sentences, and then the button. Thank you for sharing your Polaroid quilt. Can’t wait to see it finished.


  8. Your quilts are delightful! Mr. Fox peeking out is so adorable–love the story you made up 🙂 I’m amazed by your Polaroid blocks–so tiny, And your other 2 quilts you posted above are beautiful, too. I really love your designs and the colors you choose. Great to meet you–and I’ve signed up to stalk you 😉


  9. I use my Bloglovin app everyday and I definitely click thru to the original post it is so much easier that way. Love your quilts!


  10. Lovely quilts Nicole. It looks like I’m going to be a minority here – I almost never click through a truncated post on my reader. It’s probably very difficult to write a first paragraph that’s tantalizing enough to make a reader want to click through, especially if they follow a lot of blogs and don’t have that much time to read them. I click through to a site if I’ve read the post and want to add a comment.


  11. Hi Nicole, Great nametag! lol. so much info packed into one post! I love it! you have so much going on too! it’s pretty amazing! thanks for sharing about you, it has been great meeting you through the bloggersphere. Thank you for being so involved in the community.


  12. Your quilts are wonderful. I particularly like the “ribbon style, colorful quilt”. Your polaroid quilt is fascinating. I’m not sure about truncated blogs. I don’t look at blogs on my phone, just my desktop computer. So I guess I would not like them truncated.


  13. Hi Nicole! I love your beautiful quilts. The MQG swap piece is one of my favorites, the colors and the fabrics are a Wow! And another Wow! for your Polaroid quilt, I hope I have the skills to try one some day. PS I enjoyed your quilt room tour 🙂
    ~Abbie from the New Quilt bloggers hop


  14. Love your Polaroid quilt!! And I keep track of all my quilts (and other finishes) on a spreadsheet too! I just finished my 86th quilt (my 17th quilt for this year!!)! I print my blog as a hard back book at the end of every year so I have a keepsake/quilt journal of all my finishes. I highly recommend it!


  15. I love the second quilt you posted, the one with the solids. I’ve been eyeing it on IG and it’s one I would love to make. As for truncated blogs, I do click through but I find it really annoying. :/


  16. Hi! So nice to meet you. Your featured quilts are so lovely. I really like the Polaroid one, so clever! And Fancy Fox! What a great idea you had.


  17. Hi Nicole, lovely introduction. Wow you are a busy person! I took the tour of your sewing room, thanks for the invite, I love to see where people sew. I love that you keep track of your quilts on a spreadsheet, I could fit mine on the back of a postage stamp at the moment. Hopefully one day I will have a spreadsheet too!


  18. Hi Nicole, Great to learn more about a fellow Let’s Bee Quilt’n hive member! You asked a great question. If I am reading from a truncated reader, I only click on the link if I think I might be interested in reading more.


  19. Nice to meet you, Nicole! I love your quilts. I clicked through to a few others and your ugly Christmas sweater quilt is seriously awesome. (The Polaroid link seems to be going to Fancy Fox & the Quilt Show.)

    I do click read more, yes!


  20. Nicole, you have such a fun conversation style to your writing – it was a pleasure to read! You have lots of beautiful creations and I love your take on humor in quilts 🙂


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