Canada’s Big Quilt Bee

I’ll go for the TL;DR version. Canada is 150 this year, the national quilt guild wants to make 1000 quilts for kids at Ronald McDonald houses across the country. All the info is HERE. Blah blah blah, later I will share my very personal reasons for making a quilt.

I have to use some of this:


Although to be fair I could have used the BEIGE or BROWN fabric…is there any kid who chooses beige over any other colour?


And I thought I would use these fabrics to co-ordinate. Why yes, those are my MQG Riley Blake challenge fabrics that I didn’t use for the MQG Riley Blake challenge. Oops.


And then when I was getting my backing fabric for my polaroid quilt last week I bought half a metre of this lovely to co-ordinate. 5$ for .5m is a screaming deal. And it’s pretty.

Moving on to stash now…


I have enough of these two prints for the backing. Found in two different thrift stores three years apart. This fabric makes me laugh.

And then the pull from stash.


I’m quite pleased with how this all looks together. Now to just whip up a quilt in the next four days.

4 thoughts on “Canada’s Big Quilt Bee

  1. Love the choice of fabrics. I can’t even imagine whipping up a quilt in four days. Maybe someday when things slow down…a girl can dream, can’t she? I can’t wait to see what the finished quilt will look like.


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