2017 Finish along Q2 review

Way back when, all the way back in early April I cheerfully and optimistically over-estimated how much I could get finished this quarter. You can go here to see my list.

Ooof. I used to get stuck on the getting it quilted stage. Now I’m stuck on the burying threads stage.

1. Gridlocked quilt, trimmed, and bound

Still to do: bury threads, bind.

2. rainbow log cabin, quilting fixed in one spot, then trimmed, and bound

Still to do: bury threads, bind. And fix that bit of quilting.

3. blue 15 min X&+, quilted, trimmed, and bound

Still to do: bury threads, bind.

4. Polaroid quilt, blocks sewn together, etc etc

I actually did get the top sewn together (yay!), and I have the batting and the backing ready to go.

5. art piece to submit for a show with a deadline

I actually got this one done!! But it wasn’t accepted to the show, and I don’t know what to do with the quilt.

WHBS FULL online

6. tooth fairy pillow for W. The client is being particular about the details.

Ditto for this one!!

7. Slab blocks for the Canada Ronald McDonald thingie using the Riley Blake MQG challenge fabric.

NOPE. And got all stuck on writer’s block for making it.

8. soccer hexie, make background and appliqué, etc etc

I’ve been working on this quilt since 2012, and thinking about it for longer. I really don’t care anymore about this one.

9. mighty lucky bananas quilt, get backing, etc etc

Still like it.

10. F door quilt, sew a few more rows, then etc etc

Totally hate this one so I never work on it. I bet it will finish easier than I am expecting.

I linked up my 2/10 finishes with Leanne at She Can Quilt.


7 thoughts on “2017 Finish along Q2 review

  1. Love the comment about the particular client. You did better with your overly optomistic list than I did. Not one finish for me, so congrtulations on your two finishes.


  2. Nice list and you are getting there. Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes we do! I have always taken a few small stitches rather than bury threads (unless I am being very particular) and rarely have had a problem. Show quilts are another story. For me, life is in the way as we downsize, so any progress is a big hip hip hooray!


  3. I’m smiling as I read this, enjoying your honest comments and thinking that this could easily be my own list (different quilts, of course, but same feelings). I have no suggestions for you for the art quilt, but I really like it!


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