2017 Finish Along, Q3

Since life is so hectic right now and full of changes I will roll over my entire list from last quarter. This time I REALLY MEAN IT and will get these DONE.

1. Gridlocked quilt, bury threads, bind.

2. rainbow log cabin, bury threads, bind. And fix a bit of quilting.

3. blue 15 min X&+, bury threads, bind.

4. Polaroid quilt, quilt it, and bind.

5. Slab blocks for the Canada Ronald McDonald thingie using the Riley Blake MQG challenge fabricDecide if I’m still going to make this quilt. If yes, then make it.


6. soccer hexie, make background and appliqué, etc etc

7. mighty lucky bananas quilt, get backing, etc etc

8. F door quilt, sew a few more rows, then etc etc

9. Damn birthday dress for W. It’s so totally overdue.



Linking up with the global hosts of the 2017 Finish Along!


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