Sunday Stash, birthday edition

It was my birthday kinda-sorta recently (and I’m playing catch-up with my blogging.) Lucky me got some fabric! My friend Kari is my birthday twin and she gave me a couple of mini-charm packs. (I gave her flowers.)


Even with several (okay, seven) thousand charm squares I don’t have enough. I got these two for myself.


My sister went to Spool of Thread and gave me this awesomeness!


It’s a quarter yard (WOF) piece, so an odd size. And quite directional. I have no idea what I will use it for but I do love it. A quilt like these two might work with this fabric.

And there were these two random but fine FQ as well as some Cotton and Steel/Alice in Wonderland. The least said about those the better. (I am not a fan.)


Lucky me to get new fabrics! Thanks everyone. Linking up with Molli Sparkles


6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, birthday edition

  1. That city/green guy fabric is awesome! If you want to keep it intact, you could use it as the center and create a pieced top & bottom to frame it. Also, the pattern “cherish” by villa rosa designs calls for wof strips of a focus print, adapting at could also work well.

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