A mid-week, mid-month update

Or just what have I been doing with my time these days anyway?

It’s a long story and one with lots of feelings but we’re alright and no one died, so I should just get over myself and get on with life.

Long story short, we moved. From looking at the new place to giving notice (we’re long term renting kind of people) to actually moving it was four weeks. Four weeks. And we had a kid birthday three days after moving day. And end of the school year in there too.

So I did some of this:

Q is for quilting of course!


L-R: my featherweight, my workhorse everything Husqvarna, my serger.

Still all packed but at least not spread willy-nilly. I took the picture this morning.


Husband has been sorting books. (We have many, many hundreds of books). First time I have ever had all the quilting and sewing books in one spot, hurray!


I’m looking forward to the end of unpacking and the start of sewing. I’ll be longarming next week and my LQS is having their annual sale. Life will be okay.


4 thoughts on “A mid-week, mid-month update

  1. I feel your pain. TOday is pack my sewing room day. We are at a more leisurely pace, but not really! Packers and movers next week for first half, then boys move out Sept 1, then house on the market then final sale. So its kind of like a hangnail, but in the end it will be a good thing.

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