Meanwhile, back at the ranch

When we last saw our hero she was valiantly struggling to arrange her new sewing area. In the midst of this challenging task, a new problem reared its ugly head. 


Keep reading for the adventures in woodworking, and to find out what happened next. 


For various reasons I decided to sweep out the underside of our antique oak filing cabinet before I moved it to its permanent home in our new house. When I flipped it over I discovered it was missing a runner or a support on the bottom. That explained why the cabinet has always listed to one side…

I pulled off the existing runner and hustled up to the fancy lumber store to seek out a replacement. It was exciting poking around, looking at all the amazing wood things. The VERY kind (and cute) guy not only cut my new piece to length but he also cut? carved? the half-lapped splice joint I needed. And he under-charged me to boot.


Old (L) and new (R)


In situ.



Yay me! Why am I so proud of this? Because it was broken and I fixed it, even though I’m not a carpenter or skilled with wood.

*The first picture is an “art shot” with both runners installed, looking up through the cabinet with all the drawers taken out. You didn’t think I flipped that beast over with the drawers still in it did you?

Come back next week for further adventures with our hero. The fabric and the sewing machine have been unpacked, but…have they been used? 

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch

  1. What an interesting adventure and so nice to have helpful gentleman at the store! Looking forward to hearing about whether you sewed! I am trying to carve out a bit of that time myself in my new apartment in a very unsettled sewing room.


  2. Bravo to you for solving an annoying problem. And kudos to the local lumber guy for providing that ever-so-rare customer service. Fancy, indeed!


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