All settled in, and in use. Finally.


A panorama view of my sewing area/family office/tea making and food room, aka the kitchen. The blinding white bit in the upper right is the door to the deck.

I miss my built-in fold-down ironing board but this is my husband’s board from before we met, nigh on twenty years ago. I splurged on a new 12$ cover.

And you’ll note we still have an ugly floor, hurray! #sarcasm


This is the sewing storage area in the kitchen. Second shelf down is the tool box, tape and string, my DeWalt. Couldn’t take the WHOLE cupboard for fabric and projects. Yardage is stored in the garage. First time in seven years all my fabric is under one roof!


Kitchen islandy thing. Kitchen peninsula? Work space while sewing. Will probably put my cutting mat here when I’m using that.

And lastly…


There it is! My wonderful sewing desk. There is much more to this than you see, and it will get a post of its own.

There is an Ott light hiding back there as well which is an amazing addition to my sewing room. (I had it at the old house but could only use it for hand sewing or binding.) It was a hand-me-down from my aunt and now that I’m using it regularly I love, love, love it.

Haven’t found a good place for the design wall and I might not be able to have it accessible. I do have more floor space however to layout a project. Not ideal, but workable.

I have done some sewing this past fortnight. I have the whole pile of mending and making for various (lots of) family members that I’m working through and I started a mindless sewing project which is so very relaxing.

4 thoughts on “All settled in, and in use. Finally.

  1. It looks very workable, as long as you keep up with your dishes and stuff. I am currently trying to sort of the mess of my sewing room . One day when your kids are grown and have left home you just might get a room of your own…..but then again you might have to share it with stuff belonging to your guild….just kidding.


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