Another quilt, a new quilt

It started innocently enough, catching up on blog reading three weeks ago. I read Katrin’s post on all the bee blocks she had made this year to date.

Stash Bee January 2017 Hive 4 Block Puppilalla

From Katrin’s blog

I saw her block, made for Stephanie. That finished quilt is here.

Quilt n Party

Stephanie’s bee blocks in progress

I thought to myself, “I bet those are 2.5″ squares. I have a few of those kicking around. This looks really easy to sew. I need something easy and mindless. Maybe I’ll try this.”

Now we all know how much I love 2.5″ squares. When I sort them I do a CMYK colour wheel but I also sort low volume, grey, brown, beige, black tone on tone, black with colours, ditto for the whites, and MULTICOLOURED.

I also realized that if I made a block every day in August I would have a decent size quilt top.

So here we go…


First time sewing in the new house!


Using the multi-coloured squares and black with colours. Because for what other kind of quilt will these disparate fabrics play well together?

First four

First four blocks. Looks like a hot mess so far.


Therrrre’s the pattern.


I went through my fabrics and pulled all the”why do I have these and what was I thinking?” fabrics in beige.


FullSizeRender 2

And now I have a quilt top, with one whole week to spare. It’s a titch small, just 64″ square so I might add some borders.


Borders, backing, batting. I still have a week.

It has been a very long time since I’ve been able to say: linking up! Sew Fresh Quilts, and My Quilt InfatuationQuilting is more fun than housework, and Cooking up Quilts!

16 thoughts on “Another quilt, a new quilt

  1. How awesome are you. Look at all that work in tiny, tiny pieces. The black plus colour ‘Irish Chain’ in the middle is very lovely and graphic and ties the thing together wonderfully. I hope you are quite pleased with your work. =)


  2. Brilliant use of those multicolored squares. Multicolored scraps really collect here at my house and it is usually a value based scrap project that works the best for using them. You really got a lot accomplished in August!👏


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