Q4, 2017 Finish A-long

I recently updated and fiddled with my spreadsheet of lifetime quilts, quilts in progress, idea file. Just in time too as the link up for the last quarter of the 2017 Finish A-long is open now.

Rolling over a bunch of stuff from many previous lists…am too lazy to work out just how many previous lists.

This is the nearly-done, just bury threads and bind it already squad:

  • fix and finish binding on Fancy fox
  • gridlocked/cross hatch
  • blue 15 min X&+
  • rainbow log cabin grey/white
And then in other states of being:
Value: barn raising
  • door quilt (add two more rows, layer, quilt, bind)
  • buy a minky backing and puffy batting. Tie it for the quilting. Bind.
  • Polaroid is layered and basted. I quilted 70% percent of it and ripped that out. Quilt it again and bind.
  • This fabric pull is too pretty to abandon though the original project no longer is in play. I have an idea for what to use this for.
Hannah-Untitled ORIGINAL IMAGE
  • This is is from WAYYYYY before blogging, started in January 2014. Time to get this done.
  • Rounding it out for an even 10 projects, napkins for kids. I’ve had the shark goldfish fabric for a while and the alphabet fabric for a very long while. Worn out napkins are on the right.

Time to get ALL of these done. I am ripping through my WIP list; I want to start new things and try out ideas to see where those takes me. Linking up with the global hosts of the 2017 Finish A-long.

  • Sarah – Sew me – Northern Ireland
  • Judith – Just Jude – Northern Ireland


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