Sunday Stash, the random one

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


At 50$/m, it’s a good thing I only need a bit.


Four-way stretch lycra, in gold holographic glitter.

The most wonderful time of the year is of course Hallowe’en. Can you guess what type of costume requires these fabulous fabrics?


And while I was at the fabric store I bought this. Wasn’t going to miss it a THIRD time. No plans for it, I just really like this print. Half a metre and only 3.50$!


Linking up with a man who appreciates some gold holographic fabric in his life! Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles.




3 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, the random one

  1. Unicorn! Over 20 years ago, my favorite cousin made my daughter a purple unicorn costume with the most amazing gold lamé horn and a rainbow heart appliquéd on the chest, a la Care Bears. It was wonderful. I still have the costume. And the kid, too! Although she’s grown up now.


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