Hallowe’en, the finale

Done and with time to spare. The unicorn was pleased with my efforts and rewarded me with this action shot.


Here’s a back view. The tail I am most pleased with but the mane required a lot of hairspray to re-orient the nap of the fabric.


The horn, and an extra for the orange haired little sister. I had to make some effort for that kid!


And a long story which is too fiddly to write out: I also made a matching costume for dolly.


The red riding hood costume on W’s doll is leftover from Hallowe’en 2009.


This was our first Hallowe’en in our new neighbourhood – full size chocolate bars are de rigour out here as is the community bonfire and fireworks. We parked our car in line with the launch site and maybe only 6m (~20′) away? I can tell you that fireworks up close have the same volume as ones further away. That was the best part of the night for me.


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