Sunday Stash, what a waste

Last week I was trying to decide the absolutely perfect binding for my polaroid quilt (surprise, that one’s nearly done!).

I had a few ideas but then I had another idea, an exciting idea, a wondrous idea, except I was short fabric for it. I rearranged my limited spare time to make it across town to the only store with the fabric in stock (at a whopping 15$/m for solids no less). Bought enough to bind the entire quilt.

Got home to find an email saying that fabric would be on sale on the weekend. Sigh.

Laid it out to test as a binding, and hated it. Sigh.


I have .4m of Kona Iron if anyone wants it. Linking up with Sunday Stash, because hey, I should be able to get something good out of this.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, what a waste

  1. How frustrating for you, both in terms of time and money. I hope you found a different solution for your binding! Wish there wasn’t an international border between us, so I could just pop over when you need fabric.


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