Busy, busy bee…

The sewing bee for the guild QuiltCon charity quilt was a success! We had a lot of work to do and it just about all got done. The best part was getting to know some guild members a bit better, and in one case learning that someone has MAD QUILTING SKILLZ (I want Pam on my team for every project in future).

Actually the best best part was that it all came together. Also that my design looks awesome. Lots of good things that day.

(Folks are tagged in the captions).


L-R Pam and Netta, and one of the enormous strip sets. WOFx~40″ in this case. Also, my living room in the far background. We love books ‘n plants at my house.

Pam pressed and Netta sewed the strip sets.


L-R: Kelly and Stacie sewed all the blocks for our background. 

Stacie gave me grief about taking pics or “selfies”, so I obliged her with this excellent picture of myself. No duck face for me!


Sneak peek is all you get!


Next up! Purchasing white batting, some backing and binding fabrics, and threads. Then quilting, binding, labelling, yada yada. We can do it.

Updated to add: I’ve acquired all the bits for finishing it and will soon be getting it loaded on the longarm then quilted. I want a finished quilt to show at our guild meeting on January 18th. Linking up with Cooking Up Quilts.

7 thoughts on “Busy, busy bee…

  1. This is so much fun! Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Congrats on getting it to this point…..and I agree…fun to “see” you!


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