Wonky Star Swap, ta-done!

In the taking names and getting stuff done category I present to you my contributions to the #Wonkystars2018 co-ordinated by Rachel Lancer!


One lady asked very graciously for black backgrounds, which was an easy request to accommodate.

The requests after that got more and more elaborate which contributed inversely to my satisfaction about making the blocks.


These stars are ~12″ finished. I think.


This batch used my beloved 2.5″ squares, so will be 6″ finished.

But piecing is piecing which is lovely and enjoyable. So yay!

I am waiting on another eight blocks to arrive and then I’ll have a look at my blocks all together and make a plan for what to do.

This was also on my 2018 Q1 FAL list to get done. Ta-done!


4 thoughts on “Wonky Star Swap, ta-done!

  1. Lovely blocks, it will be great to see them as a finished quilt! On behalf of the hosts, thank you for participating in the Finish-A-Long!


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