In progress, a baby quilt

Friends who are also neighbours of my sister, and whom I’ve known long enough to be casual friends? good acquaintances? had a baby last week. I knew the baby was coming (because really, who is surprised by a baby’s arrival?!) but I procrastinate and I’m busy but I finally got down to it. My sister said I didn’t need to make them a quilt but I was all “pshaw, I’m a quilter and that’s what I do, so step off!*”

I asked for details in the casual way quilters have, and was told:


I have this fabric, given to me by my sister. It was the best of the bunch she gave me for my birthday last year.


These are dragon-esque right?

I did a preliminary fabric pull which was so exciting. I love fabric! All the fabric!


But I calmed down and refined my pull. It is just a baby quilt after all, not a king size quilt.


I started five blocks and was unsure of how to proceed. I love having digital cameras handy to evaluate options.

Option 1 on the left with nine blocks and option 2 on the right, five blocks with rail fence blocks as spacers. 

I had Sunday off so I made four more blocks and was able to complete the top, baste and quilt it. Now I need to do the binding, label it and mail it!

Since this is all scraps, I’m linking up with Quilting is More Fun than Housework!  


*I totally love my sister. I think she was trying to save me some work. I’m excited about having a reason to make a quilt. I hope one day she’ll understand.


9 thoughts on “In progress, a baby quilt

  1. I know quilters who stockpile baby quilts in all sorts of permutations, so they’re ready for any blessed event. How nice you’re working with fabrics that don’t show lambs and teddy bears. BTW, someone told me new parents are now cautioned not to have quilts in the crib. Since my own baby days are long behind me, I have no idea if that’s true.


  2. Nicole, what a fun post and quilt! I often make baby quilts for rather distant connections, too, if I think they will appreciate it. I have one in the works for a student I had in third grade about 32 years ago. She is in the Army and is having her first baby at 40 years old. I think she needs a quilt! She gave me her colors for the nursery so I’m all set to get started. I’m sure the new parents ( and your sister) will think yours is special!


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