Sunday Stash, a whole quilt’s worth

A couple of years ago I won some sort of something from Molli Sparkles; he sent me these seven FQ. I liked them and found them interesting but shelved them.


Last summer I had pulled them out to possibly use on another project. I didn’t, ultimately, but was inspired with another idea.

I pulled co-ordinating fabrics from my stash:


I bought another few fabrics during a sale in the late fall.


I also ordered some 5m of Kona Indigo from Mad About Patchwork:


But I didn’t have enough prints. I asked my friend Gabrielle if I could ask for bits during the “get your quilty wishes filled” on instagram. She talked me out of it, mostly by offering me some of her fabrics.

Gabrielle made me a pseudo jelly roll:


But then she overthought it, and brought me some more fabrics.


If you’re counting, this will add up to at least 12m in the quilt, but since I haven’t cut anything yet it’s just a hell of a lot of fabric that’s all new to me. I had better get a new blade and get cutting!

Linking up with the exhausted and fabulous Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.


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