2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, week the second, and my day!

Hello and welcome to Handwrought Quilts if you are new here!


This year’s hosts are

Check out any of their blogs this week to enter for lots of prizes! But now it’s all about me.

I’m Nicole, I love quilts, and I’ve been writing my blog for a couple of years now. This is my third time participating in this blog hop. You can read what I had to say about me in 2017 or in 2016 or you can check out my about me page. What else? I also have a BFA (Hons) in Theatre Production and Design and had a 15 year career as a Stage Manager and technician before I had my first kid. I then spent a decade home with my now two kids, before going back to work last year in a new field.


This is me, on a good day, from one day in my year long self portrait project.

I’ve been on a two year mission to finish all my lingering unfinished projects. It’s working. I’m down to the last five old works in progress. I’ve also been on a two year mission to not buy fabric “just because.” It’s working. I love my LQS dearly but I truly have enough fabric for the next dozen ideas.

I struggle a lot with what my style is…I love graphic, simple, modern quilts…but don’t make them. I appreciate quilt history and traditional quilts too…but don’t really make those. I usually don’t follow a pattern as I prefer making my own. I also have fun making improv quilts. So: I do ALL styles of quilting.

I love spreadsheets and use them to track my quilting projects. Graph paper is for to-do lists, quilt doodles and designs.

I am very fond of 2.5″ squares. And scraps. I *love* scraps! (Picture jazz hands when you read that bit.)

I do like what I’m coming to call #maximalistquilts, quilts that have ALL the colours. I am also a big fan of the CMYK colour wheel.

What else?

I host a weekly link-up for Canadian fibre artists called the Needle and Thread Network. I co-founded MQG Victoria in 2013 and was president until January 2017. I am looking forward to attending Quilt Canada in Vancouver next month, both to see quilts and to start Level One of the Quilt Judges Certification Program!


This is my number one quilting tip of all time:  if you stitch something, press it.

Here are links to the other bloggers being featured this week:

Velda http://freckledfoxquiltery.wordpress.com

Carrie http://carriebeecreates.blogspot.com

Sharon A. http://mspdesignsusa.com

Ann C. http://laughinggasquilts.wordpress.com

Nicole https://handwroughtquilts.wordpress.com  –> that’s me! You are here.

Becca http://prettypiney.com

Sherry http://poweredbyquilting.com

Stephanie http://lowcountryquiltsandembroidery.com


Thanks for visiting! Come back soon.

71 thoughts on “2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, week the second, and my day!

  1. I promise myself I will not buy more fabric but sometimes must ! Like when I go to the Pacific International Quilt show with my sis. I too am working on UFOs . I can’t tell you how many there are!


  2. I love that leaf quilt every time I see it! And I now will look at all my scrappy projects and think *scraps* with jazz hands!!!


  3. Jazz hands with scraps! Love it! Now I have another excuse for jazz hands. :o) I also believe in pressing; makes it so much easier to match up the seams that need to match up. It was nice to “meet” you!


  4. Such beautiful quilts. I admire your will power in being able to tackle and tame the UFOs and to not purchase new fabric. I could probably make quilts for the next two lifetimes with my stash. My biggest enemy is the Internet….so easy to get sucked into shopping and starting new projects.


  5. I don’t feel like I am locked into one style. So when people ask me what type of quilter I am, I say “I am an enthusiastic quilter” — as in, I love it all.


  6. Love your maple quilt. I thought at first your maple leaf was pieced but looking at your older posts I see that it has been appliqued. Great work!


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