2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, week the second, and my day!

Hello and welcome to Handwrought Quilts if you are new here!


This year’s hosts are

Check out any of their blogs this week to enter for lots of prizes! But now it’s all about me.

I’m Nicole, I love quilts, and I’ve been writing my blog for a couple of years now. This is my third time participating in this blog hop. You can read what I had to say about me in 2017 or in 2016 or you can check out my about me page. What else? I also have a BFA (Hons) in Theatre Production and Design and had a 15 year career as a Stage Manager and technician before I had my first kid. I then spent a decade home with my now two kids, before going back to work last year in a new field.


This is me, on a good day, from one day in my year long self portrait project.

I’ve been on a two year mission to finish all my lingering unfinished projects. It’s working. I’m down to the last five old works in progress. I’ve also been on a two year mission to not buy fabric “just because.” It’s working. I love my LQS dearly but I truly have enough fabric for the next dozen ideas.

I struggle a lot with what my style is…I love graphic, simple, modern quilts…but don’t make them. I appreciate quilt history and traditional quilts too…but don’t really make those. I usually don’t follow a pattern as I prefer making my own. I also have fun making improv quilts. So: I do ALL styles of quilting.

I love spreadsheets and use them to track my quilting projects. Graph paper is for to-do lists, quilt doodles and designs.

I am very fond of 2.5″ squares. And scraps. I *love* scraps! (Picture jazz hands when you read that bit.)

I do like what I’m coming to call #maximalistquilts, quilts that have ALL the colours. I am also a big fan of the CMYK colour wheel.

What else?

I host a weekly link-up for Canadian fibre artists called the Needle and Thread Network. I co-founded MQG Victoria in 2013 and was president until January 2017. I am looking forward to attending Quilt Canada in Vancouver next month, both to see quilts and to start Level One of the Quilt Judges Certification Program!


This is my number one quilting tip of all time:  if you stitch something, press it.

Here are links to the other bloggers being featured this week:

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Nicole https://handwroughtquilts.wordpress.com  –> that’s me! You are here.

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Sherry http://poweredbyquilting.com

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Thanks for visiting! Come back soon.


71 thoughts on “2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, week the second, and my day!

  1. Hi Nicole! How encouraging to hear someone else is trying to finish up projects and use stash!!! Those are my goals this year … and it will likely continue for many years to come! I’ll be at CQA – maybe we’ll get a chance to meet in person for a few minutes! Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. Nicole, it is very nice to meet you. I love your MQG mini. It has the perfect bright colors and my favorite basic straight line quilting. I look forward to watching you on your journey.


  3. I am a huge fan of 2.5 inch squares and I love scrappy too! I am trying to finish up my UFOs but still have quite a few to go.


  4. Hi Nicole,
    It is nice to learn a bit more about you in today’s blog hop. The Maple Spirit piece is so nicely done – it looks like a real leaf and its shadow. I have to agree wholeheartedly with the press it tip! ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Congratulations on your UFO completion success story! I’ve been whittling mine down, but progress is slow. I’ve been a bit more successful about not buying fabric (a bit). Your maple leaf charity quilt is truly stunning. I’d love to hear more about your self-portrait project some time!


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  7. I really like your `Maple Spirit“ design….I might just order a pattern. Wish I could come west and enjoy Quilt Canada in Vancouver…I`d look you up. My Sesquicentennial quilt will make its debut when my turn on the blog hop comes around on May 7th. Good luck with your certification course.


  8. Hi Nicole – me again! The Quilt Judge certification program – that’s pretty exciting! I have thought about it, but not quite ready for it yet. Good luck with it!


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  10. The maple leaf is absolutely gorgeous! I have been working on my UFO pile as well and am down to my last quilt now. I still have a few that I need to quilt but the piecing is almost complete (yeah)! I love your quilting style and color choices,they are beautiful!


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  12. I also love all colors and scrappy quilts. I have to laugh at myself. I had plans to tackle my list of UFOs after I finished my current project which is a graduation gift for one of our granddaughters. Then I went to the AQS Quilt Week in Paducah last week where I bought a quilt kit, fabric, and other quilt related items. My list of UFOs and quilt ideas just got longer:)


  13. What a gorgeous ‘Maple Spirit’ quilt! Took my breath away for sure. I too LOVE scrap quilts, and rainbow ones are becoming a new FAVOURITE… btw I cannot believe you haven’t bought ANY fabric in two years?? That’s willpower.


  14. Hi Nicole: I have seen your page from time to time but don’t recall exactly how I found it. I love all the bright rainbow colors too. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing and work.


  15. Hi, Nicole – I love your pressing tip – so true! Sure helps everything fit together just right. Hope you enjoy your blogging experience – see you around!


  16. Let me say the Maple Leaf quilt kind of took my breath away…in a good way. With the shadowing, it looks like you should be able to just pick it up off the quilt. It’s been fun to read more about you. Pressing every seam is great advice. I can admit to sometimes getting in a hurry and not pressing as I should.


  17. Nice to meet you on the blog hop! I like your tip regarding pressing. If I turn my sewing machine on, I plug in my iron and fill it up with water. They go hand in hand.


  18. It’s nice to find another quilt blogger that enjoys ALL the things. 🙂 All the colors, all the styles. I find it hard to put myself in a genre box too. You have some lovely quilts and I look forward to peeking at your quilt progress now and again.


  19. Hi Nicole, I’m pleased to meet you. Good for you on your UFO’s. I am new to quilting and am trying to not get many of those. I’m afraid I would never return to them or foget what my vision was.


  20. Hi Nicole! I’m so impressed with your resolve to not buy fabric “just because.” I’m pretty sure most of us have had that resolve at some point and failed it, but I’m glad it’s working for you. The Maple Spirit quilt design is gorgeous!


  21. You are one busy woman! Love that you are doing the judges certification program. It should be a fun and interesting challenge!


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  23. Love your Maple Spirit quilt! Gorgeous! I thought I at least had the part done about my UFO’s getting on a list, then I found a couple more. Then some more came to mind, but I can’t seem to find them. They are as bad as dust bunnies!


  24. I hope your enjoy the quilt judges program. CQA programs are very thorough and well thought out. I’ll be interested to hear if the course gives you a new perspective. Wishing you lots of time (even in little bits) for your projects.


  25. Thank you Nicole for sharing – it was nice to learn a bit more about you. I was fortunate that I didn’t fall into the trap of buying fabric just because but still somehow I have collected a small stash just from leftovers! LOL
    Once I finish getting through my PHD list (I have 6 to finish) I will make a point of using that pile.


  26. I have claimed this year as my year of finishes. I hope I can do as well as you. I get hung up on the quilting as I’m not very good at it.


  27. I have a few works in progress that I should really get back to. Finishing something that has been sitting idle for a long time is always a huge sigh of relief.


  28. I also love graphic modern minimalist quilts but don’t make them…although I want to. Do you think I’ll ever get around to it. I like your style and I think I can learn a lot about finishing all the stuff I started a long time ago , although I think I might have to cut more hours at work to do it.


  29. I am on a mission to finish (or even work on!) some projects that have been languishing for too long. I have so many things I want to make, but I really want to get my WIPs under control.


  30. I wish I had your discipline to not only finish up UFOs, but not buy any new fabric! I am using th excuse that I am making baby quilts for moms with specific tastes. (Or so I tell my husband!j. Thanks for sharing.


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