A new project, a fast project

A project in which I was the mere technical director, working to support the vision of the artistic director. A quite specific, rather uncompromising six point seven five year old artistic director. 

Let me back up a little. This weekend was the bi-annual quilt show and sale of the Victoria Quilter’s Guild. I could only attend on Friday which happened to be a day off of school for my kids, so they also got to attend a quilt show.

I bribe them with candy because it works (and is a rare treat). This year I could have bribed them with fabric it seems. W, the 6 3/4 year old fell in love with a 2$ FQ. She promised to pay me back from her hoarded allowance if I lent her the money to buy it. Her initial plan as we toured more booths was to make a cushion. Then a shawl. Then a skirt, but there wasn’t enough for a skirt. Did I have more fabric I could lend her to finish the skirt? Yes of course. But then it won’t match. Did I have fabric that DID match? 

Well for two dollars I’ll buy you some fabric that matches. So that was a win.

Then I broke her heart by working for two days straight.


After my work today we buckled down and made this wondrous garment!


Flat felled seams for speed and convenience. W ran the foot pedal while I kept everything straight.

I also dropped the ironing board down to her height so she could do the pressing. (I had to go on my knees!) She thought threading the elastic through the casing was magical.


She was adamant that the zig-zag be oriented vertically to make the skirt as long as possible.

And it twirls. And poofs.

I have a happy girl. Me? I’m toast. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Time for bed.


10 thoughts on “A new project, a fast project

  1. Oh my goodness! How incredibly sweet is this – would you lend her $2 for a FQ, and would you lend her some fabric?!! OMG!!!!!! This is just the BEST POST EVER. W has a great vision, you are a saint, and I just adore the finished garment. Good job W!!! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Twirls and Poofs…same criteria for my 6 year old granddaughter 😊 She likes to go to quilt shops with me. This skirt would be a great project for us. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter has a good eye for fabric!


  3. What a great story – and wonderful memory – sewing with your daughter. I did with my son and wouldn’t trade any of it. He was always happy to get some fabric while at the store. So fun that she had her own ideas about how the zig zag should go.


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