How was your day, dear?

Today was a day off. Days off are seriously one of the best things ever. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated [and needed] today.

Sure, I need to do laundry. Get groceries. Recover from the double whammy of birthday and mother’s day. And renew my driver’s license – that did get done to save the 276$ fine I was flirting with had I been pulled over, which luckily didn’t happen. After I glared into the camera for a horrible picture I went home and SEWED!

I finished a few blocks, then laid out and counted my blocks for the Jacob’s Ladder quilt. Then I cut lots and lots more strips and squares. I have 27 more blocks to do and 38 fabrics I just love and want to use.


These are the “must use” fabrics.


Some of the “we’ll see what colours I need to balance the rest out” near the end.

Since I zipped through all that I decided to brave the fabrics I want to fussy cut.




I spent two hours to make this holey fabric.

But it will look awesome at the end.

And I get to do it all again tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “How was your day, dear?

  1. Good Morning! Days off ARE the best! No doubt about it – no matter how many errands you have to do, you get to do them as you please. Even the DMV can’t put a damper on a great-day-off mood! I love the title of this post, too, by the way. It just made me smile and want to read it. I have been meaning to make a Jacob’s Ladder quilt for ages – you are reminding me that I love the block and NEED to make a quilt. I look forward to seeing this come together! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. How wonderful that you get two days off in a row. I had yesterday off. I just decided to get someone to take my shift so I could finish quilting a quilt. I think the Jacobs ladder fussy cutting was worth it and the quilt will be awesome.


  3. Yay for days off! How funny we were just talking about that. That fussy cut block is spectacular! Hey, you should show pictures of your cake decorating once in a while. I think that fits the category of hand wrought and it’s definitely a creative process! I, for one, would love to see them.


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