Low Volume Charm Swap

Over on Instagram Marianne McCarley recently ran a low volume charm swap. I did one about 4?6? years ago and thought it would be fun to add to my collection to be used “some day.”


It’s a weird feeling to open a package from someone else and find your printing inside!

It wasn’t worth it to do one or two sets of 56 charms and there was a big difference between three and four sets so I decided to do three, which would yield 168 hopefully unique low volume squares. Postage there and back was $38.03 (ouch!) and the fabric was $20.90 (plus a metre from old stash.)

Total cost was $58.93, which breaks down to $19.64/yard, which is nearly full price per metre around here. So I kind of lost my shirt a bit. BUT, *but* I did get some super awesome fabrics that are fun, adorable, interesting, or trendy. And I’ll use them some day.


And for the nerdy folks like me:

168 fabrics – 8 duplicates = 160 unique fabrics

29% – greyish

16% – black

12% – tone on tone white/cream

8% – turquoise

6% – green, yellow/gold, brownish

5% – SHOUTING low volume

4% – blue

2% – pink

<2% – red, orange, purple, multi-coloured


4 thoughts on “Low Volume Charm Swap

  1. Great way to get a variety of fabrics. I ran a swap at our guild for many years. Never thought about how much one would be through the mail….to bad we couldn’t just twitch our noses and poof they’re at their destination. Linda cozy-quilts.ca


  2. Good Morning!
    What a COOL idea! That would be fun to participate in and look at all those fabulous squares. I’ll have to watch for the next one and play along. Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Swaps are a lot of fun – a great way to get fabric tat might not be available in your area, but like you said, they can be very expensive. I stopped participating in swaps a long time ago, especially for fabric. I still do small quilt swaps once in a rare while.


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