That last post

Hmpf. Lessons I have recently learned.

  • You guys are all so very nice. I actually knew that before.
  • Extra nice are the folks who left me comments reassuring me and encouraging me to continue, even though I was too down to respond. Thank you. 
  • Don’t layout a big project when only half done. You will be disappointed about your progress.
  • Don’t combine anxiety about one project and frustration about another one AT THE SAME TIME. This will lead to more anxiety and frustration.
  • Do distract yourself with other things, or non-quilt things. I’m still working on this. 

Here’s something small I did.

I remade this really pretty wonky star from the swap earlier this year. On the left is the original, rather beige background. On the right is the much better, scrappy white. Block is 12″ finished.

Small steps.


7 thoughts on “That last post

  1. Hi Nicole, When I originally saw your wonky blocks, I was wondering about the one that had the beige background. So glad you took the time to remake (and kudos to you for doing so). The wonky star quilt will be lovely.


  2. What a cheerful wonky star! Good for you for figuring out steps to make your process work for you. I know for myself, it is unrealistic to expect every session to be productive. Projects just seem to take on their own rhythm, so I try and go with the flow, even though I would like to be efficient.


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