Meanwhile, back at the ranch

When we last left our heroine she was dithering about possible quilt layouts.

Consensus is, from everyone who has seen the blocks, that there is clear winner.


This is not it. But it was fun to try out.

To be accountable I am linking up for the first! time! evah! with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal July Linkup I want this top DONE by the end of the month.

Linking up as well with TNTN, Sew Fresh Quilts, and My Quilt Infatuation to get some more loving for this one.

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch

  1. It looks really sharp, Nicole. I like the contrast between the dark blue pattern and the colour washes. Keep going!


  2. Ah, how I, too, struggle with the layout step. Th engineer in me sets everything out logically in color progression instead of being like Elsa from Frozen and “Let it Go”. I do think the contrast of the dark lattice is very sharp looking. Good luck with your final decision.


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