Wonky Star update

21 blocks from a swap. Sizes ranging from 3″ finished to 13.5″ finished. The mean block size was 8.75″ and the median was 9″.

I didn’t love the idea of many Y seams (fiddly and time consuming, not relaxing and mindless). I thought to sash the blocks to bring them to a uniform size. 12″ finished seemed to be a reasonable and achievable goal. Also, I have epic amounts of white fabric to use up, so why not!?


I decided to sash only two of the sides of each star which would maintain the wonkiness and randomness.

Even with blocks of a uniform size the quilt would have been 48″x60″ which I think is useless. I made another 9 blocks and added bits of background in either 4″x12″ chunks or 8″x12″ chunks.

This came together so quickly and was such a ‘low stakes’ quilt, ie, I don’t care about it very much, all the decisions were easier to make. That also means I took only one picture of the process (see above).


Before pressing this morning.

Started work on this August 7. Finished top August 20.

Next up: to piece the backing and sort the binding. I’ve got a batting big enough and even have thread ready. Then finish it off and find a recipient.

Previous posts about it HERE, in reverse chronological order.

Linking up the finish with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal – August Finish Link-up.


10 thoughts on “Wonky Star update

  1. Well considering it is a quilt you don’t care much about, it sure turned out great! And it really did go together quickly – that’s less than two weeks! I look forward to seeing it all complete, and to see your quilting choices. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. I like the way you bordered these stars AND that it is easier to make decisions and experiment on a quilt when you don’t “care”. I love the way it turned out!


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