2018 Finish Along, Q4

I’m getting better at planning and being realistic (high fives for being a grown-up!) Some projects just need to get done. They don’t need to be on a list, or lingering unfinished for months and even years. In that vein I’m going for a more modest list than my usual list of epic proportions.

Three of these are intended for QuiltCon submissions, so that’s enough of a prompt. One is a baby quilt. And one (the napkins) have been on every list for a couple of years at least.

In no particular order:

  1. bind the Jacob’s Ladder quilt
  2. bury threads and bind my original sampler quilt
  3. bury threads and bind my X&+ quilt
  4. gd cloth napkins. I’ve cut them out at least…
  5. work through an idea for a quiltcon quilt and get it done obviously
  6. baby quilt. It needs to be in “earth tones” whatever those are.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted pictures of allllll these in every other list I made.

I’m linking up for accountability and glory with the lovely hosts of the Finish Along!

2018 Finish A Long Logo 2


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