Send help!

Dear reader, please save me from myself.

I have three unfinished quilts I want to submit for QuiltCon by the end of the month yet I am failing to make progress on any of them.

For one of them I need to make bias binding for a very large quilt (~400″ of binding needed). Who can recommend a tutorial and/or a pep talk? Is this one of those things about which I will say afterwards “that wasn’t so bad! what was I afraid of?”?

….ten minutes later….

I just pulled out my trusty quilting book to look through their instructions for bias binding. (I have the info and am not using it. See what I mean? SAVE ME from myself!)


I don’t actually NEED to do a bias binding, I just randomly decided I WANTED to. To try it out since I’ve never done it. But I don’t have to try it on this quilt. Hmmm.

Good chat, thanks!


8 thoughts on “Send help!

  1. Would you like some help on your binding? I am free to help or coach you this weekend. Bias binding isn’t really harder than non-bias binding, except that it takes longer to cut out and seems to use more fabric. It goes around the corners nicely. Haven’t done it for years, but it was the only way I did bindings when I first started quilting,


  2. Skip it for this quilt then and try it on another later – there’ll always be another quilt, right? And thanks for the reminder; I have this book as well and haven’t referenced it in a long time, but I sure used it a lot when I first started quilting. And wishing you best of luck with your QuiltCon entries!


  3. Nicole, you encourage me because you have big ambitions! I’ve got one quilt that I would like to finish and submit, but I think that’s a long shot. I have it almost 2/3 pieced, but it is the largest quilt I’ve made in awhile, so the squaring up, basting, quilting and facings look like a daunting task at this point. I’m going to give it a go, though! Best of luck to you and your efforts!


  4. Yup, no need to do bias unless you have scalloped edges or strange angles or a fabric you want to have on an angle. Good luck getting things done…I have a thougth or two but it would have to jell sooner rather than later. Highly unlikely.


  5. Nicole! First of all, take a deep breath. You’re making me tense, and I do not want to be. Girl, it’s only the tenth. You have plenty of time. Have you come to your senses about the bias binding yet? If not, don’t do it. It’s NOT the time to learn a new skill with a deadline. Period. Unless you enjoy stress, which some people do. Just get it bound and move on to the next one. Come on now! You don’t even have time to read this, let alone reply – so don’t. {{{Hugs}}} You’ll be fine. Another deep breath – now go sew that binding on. Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne


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