First of the New Year

This is me just mucking about, both to use up fabric I have and to make something for me to quilt to have more longarm practice.


These fabrics are all voile, bought in 2014/15 for the purpose of making infinity scarves to sell at markets. Ahem. Best laid plans and all that.

These are 10″ squares and the finished quilt will be 86″ square.

The original voile was deeply on sale and cost just about 40$. Plus the backing and batting I’m now up to 112$ for a quilt simply to use up fabric and get some longarm practice. I’m not sure if I’m awesome or insane.

On the plus side though, this will be a wicked soft quilt.


5 thoughts on “First of the New Year

  1. I think it will be awesome and not insane. It’s very pretty and voile is such a lovely fabric. I’m using up fabric as quilt backs that I bought to make dresses with……oh well.


  2. I think the scale of this “Plus Quilt” will be amazing. I once cut one using 2 1/2 inch squares. I’ve since abandoned the idea, it was way too busy once I put it on the design wall. Luckily all those squares are easily incorporated in my EPP hexagon quilts.


  3. Good Morning! I am giggling away over your ‘ahem’. Ah yes, how many things have I purchased to make for ‘x’ and then that didn’t quite happen?!! Oh, oh, OH SO MANY. So good for you for making sure – that pause for 4 years is now long enough. Great use of those fabrics, and practice on the longarm too. A total win/win. Happy Tuesday. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. I think you’re awesome, with a side of insane LOL Just like all quilters. We’re insane to cut up fabric and then sew it back together. Good luck with the practice.


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