Levelling Up

I’ve spent most of my free time in July quilting a few tops, which has been both exciting and fulfilling. That’s the good news.

The less-good news is that I now have SIX quilts to bind. To be honest, three of those are not recently finished quilts.

While I *can* fit a queen size quilt on a floor in my house it’s rather a pain to move lots of furniture and all that. So I called on some volunteer contacts and made use of a local community hall to spread out ALL THE QUILTS.


And since I have six quilts to trim I decided to splurge and get some proper, helpful tools to get this done easily.


Colour is off. The toes are actually fluorescent orange. 

I bought a pair of Bosch “level squares” which basically shoot a right angled laser 10m away. I don’t make quilts that big but wow are these helpful! I also bought a carpenter’s square and am using my university era cutting mat as the last right angle. Big splurges but I feel like such a grown up quilter now!

I used this pretty good tutorial from Mandalei Quilts for the level squares. While she marked her quilt edges with painters tape I used a Clover brand chaco liner (the weird blue pen thing in the above picture) and my regular ruler.

I will share more later about the actual process but for now, I have really freakin’ straight-edged and crisp-cornered quilts!!!

I’m also linking up with Michelle because I’m just so darn thrilled and proud!

4 thoughts on “Levelling Up

  1. Hi Nicole! Wow, those level tools look so impressive. I can’t wait to read you process, and thanks for the link. I’ll check it out. I always struggle with the best/easiest way to square off my quilts. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Ooooh, fun new tools! My husband has a laser level; I’ve wondered if there was a way to use it to mark quilts. Looking forward to hearing about how it went for you!


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