…for days. Or metres if you’d rather.

When you have *six* quilts to bind (see this post) you also need binding. I made some 28? 29?m of binding recently.


The floral, solid teal, and B+W stripe (top down) are all a 2.5″ WOF straight of grain binding. I actually made the floral aaaaaages ago. Still hoping to get that quilt done sooner or later.

The last one in the pile is also a 2.5″ but I made a bias binding, my second ever. I scored a purple/turquoise shot cotton from a thrift store a few years ago and thought it would look good on the bias. I haven’t bound that quilt yet so idk, but I’ll keep you posted.


The striped binding is interesting because it’s an irregular (pattern) and uneven (wobbly) stripe. I matched as best I could. Sometimes it went well, and other times less so. This binding is for a generic kids quilt so I’m not overly fussed.


Now that I have bindings prepped, I should trim my quilts and get them finished right?

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