I did a hard thing and it was hard

About ten years ago I relined my husband’s boxy car coat. I think it took me two days? Maybe? So when his sister asked me to reline her winter coat I said “sure! love to!! no problem!!!”

Ahem. It turns out that fitted, princess line, hooded coats are a different beast. Especially when the original lining was so trashed it was nigh impossible to use it as a pattern for the new lining.


This is an armpit to show you how bad it was.

It was a very challenging project, both for sewing skills and mentally. I’d do a bit then get overwhelmed, then procrastinate. Repeat.

Easiest thing was the new zipper, and surprisingly, the pocket bags. Most difficult was maybe the hood/body seam.


It’s done. She’s happy. I’m relieved. And now I can sew quilty things guilt free!

5 thoughts on “I did a hard thing and it was hard

  1. Hello! You are a champ for even agreeing to do that after seeing the condition of the original lining. It sure looks like you did a fabulous job! Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne


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